Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mother Teresa - she was human after all

I've always found Mother Teresa an interesting figure. She worked tirelessly for the less forutunate, a true bodhisattva. I'm always stuggling to find some usefulness in Christianity, and she's been one of the few positive influences I've found (Martin Luther King Jr is another). At least her initial intentions were good. Her celebrity may have brought some difficulties for her regarding the management of charitable contributions, and I disagree with her stands on abortion and divorce, but I think most must admit her work for the world's hungry eclipses these indiscretions. And now we have the opportunity to read the intimate thoughts of this woman. Over the last 50 years of her life she struggled with her faith - wondering why God and Jesus ("the absent one") were missing. She felt the isolation and silence of this vast universe and questioned the existence of the Christian God.

I look forward to reading the words of this compassionate woman. I'm paticularly interested in how she was able to look into the eyes of suffering and death day after day and never seem to wear out or give up on humanity. Most of us can only handle a few weeks before we must retreat into our happier existence away from it all. Maybe it was because of this, seeing how no God was there to help those who needed it most, realizing that only people can help people, that she began to question her faith.

Maybe her secret testimonies will help enlighten more people to work for peace, and to end much of the needless suffering on this planet. Maybe this will be her true legacy.

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