Monday, September 3, 2007

Covenant Groups

In the Unitarian Universalist churches there exists small groups that meet 2 times a month to dig deeply into topics that aren't part of the normal Sunday service. These discussions allow us to share our journeys with each other. They can become like family due to the intimacy of the sharing. In my first covenant group I was the youngest member at age 37. The oldest member was 97. She's still smiling and spreading joy to all she meets. This particular group saw me through pregnancy and the birth of my only child. Their stories have given me a solid base to build my positive attitude toward parenting as a single mother. But today I learned of the peaceful passing of one of our members.

Frank, in his eighties, was full of energy and compassion for the people around him. He and his wife were in our group. They were "in love". This was not the first marriage for either, but it was THE marriage of a lifetime. And their love extended well beyond the boundaries of their lives together. They were active in the church, which involves being active in the community and the world. His sense of humor and his smile would put you at ease, and immediately infect you with just such a smile. The same holds true for Ellen.

My thoughts are with her tonight. As I've enjoyed my Labor Day Holiday, celebrating with new friends, my thoughts have been with Ellen and my covenant group. I feel an emptiness knowing he's no longer here, yet I know Ellen's empty place must be so much more. I'll light a candle for her this Sunday and send her my love. I'll always cherish the kind words and stories that they shared with me.

Thank you Frank, you are well loved and remembered.

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