Friday, August 24, 2007

There They Go Again!

So the Christians are persecuting the GLBT community once again. And in Ft. Lauderdale of all places. Did Naugle run for mayor just so he could attack the community there? So Naugle invited his fellow homophobic hateful christians to a pow-wow in the sunshine state to vocalize their unwarranted fears about who's doing who in the public bathrooms. They remind us again that God created HIV to get back at gay men (I guess lesbians have the green light from God) - but then over a third of people getting HIV these days are heterosexual women - so what's their sin? So eveyone in the world that has a bad thing happen to them, or a disease that slowly kills them must be getting their just deserves for some evil? I guess that explains Reagan's alzheimers. I can only begin to imagine the death in store for Bush for all the innocent blood he's shed. Doesn't this line of thinking seem just a bit ridiculous to these people? How mean spirited they are!

Maybe they should point that accusing finger back at themselves. Here's the latest case of an old preacher/politician nailing a prostitute 40 years his junior.

Coy C. Privette, 74, was placed on probation for one year after pleading guilty to six counts of aiding and abetting prostitution. He also was ordered to perform 48 hours of community service and receive counseling.

Privette was arrested last month after investigators said he rented a hotel room and paid Tiffany Denise Summers, 32, of Salisbury, for sexual acts. Summers was charged with six counts of prostitution in the case.

Police were investigating a forged check case when investigators learned of the alleged prostitution.

A retired Baptist minister, Privette served four terms in the state House and is a member of the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners.

Privette resigned as president of the Christian Action League of North Carolina the day after his arrest. The organization represents Christian groups' interests in the General Assembly.

He had been the group’s president for six years and served as its executive director for 15 years before that. He has been one of the state's most vocal opponents to the lottery and to alcohol sales.

So, I wonder if Miss Tiffany also got 48hrs of community service and some free counseling? Why is it that the young woman always pays the higher penalty? What - are we suggesting she does this for the pleasure of it? Most prostitutes are survivors of child sexual abuse, and they just never quite escape the viscious cycle of exploitation. So the men that use these women get a slap on the hand while the women get time. When will people wake up!

Just another example of how our society is screwed up thanks to having roots in christian theology. Gays are abominations and woman are naturally sinful and desire nothing more than to lead men down that dangerous path just like Eve. Over and over again young girls are raped or murdered in the Bible on God's command (Lot even offered his daughters to a mob of gang bangers to protect a couple strangers)!

Don't ya just love these family values!

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