Thursday, August 23, 2007

ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) NOT!

As I flipped through the channels on my Zen player, searching for NPR, I landed on a local Christain channel (not that these people have any right to claim Christ as their teacher). What I heard was a "report" on the "situation" on the Gaza strip where "Christians" are being forcibly converted to Islam (wait a minute - aren't they both the same God - or is Allah God's evil twin brother?). But regardless of conflicting dogma between these two radical sects, innocent human lives are being sacraficed. The facts are that Isreal is an illegal occupier of Palestine. For 40 years the people of Palestine have watched their homes and farms bulldozed (with them inside if they failed to comply). They've lost their ability to work, or even visit their family in the neighboring village due to checkpoints. The Isreali's have dissected this land into a bloody jigsaw puzzle (and I mean bloody in a literal sense). And they've done it with American tanks, planes and bombs.

The most ironic bit is that the group sponsoring this terrorism by Isreal is the American Center for Law and Justice. I laughed at their title, since there is no truth to any of it. They do not represent my American truth. They certainly don't work for justice for human life and dignity. And I have no idea who's law they're enforcing. Didn't Jesus say to love your enemies? But then their God is a genocidal, insecure, childish ruler (much like the American President) so I guess it's his Old Testament rules they intend to enforce. I have to laugh and be cynical, or I'd cry. This really could be Heaven on Earth if only it we didn't have the Jews, Muslims and Christians to contend with. I often wonder what the world would've been like if that first gathering of Jewish leaders had created a loving and peaceful God instead of this violent one. But then they wanted to rule the world so what good would that be. And with the help of ignorant Americans it looks like they will.

I heard a woman call in, saying how her visit to Bethlehem had really "brought the Bible to life" for her and that she'd felt completely safe her entire trip. She then followed saying we should give the Isreali's more money. Yikes. Does this woman regularly condemn her neighbors to a life of terror? Does she have no compasion for the Palestinian child, mother, brother or father? It makes me wonder if Christians are really human at all? She probably would've been a slave holder in the good 'ol days, whipping them regularly for daring to be born with dark skin. She is human, just deluded and ignorant but unfortunately not stupid or poor. In one sentence this woman is saying how great it was to be near the place her saviour, Jesus, was born and in the next she says it's okay to lay waste to her "enemies", the same ones Jesus instructed her to love (as if she was ever harmed by a Palestinian). So I guess I know now who her Jesus would bomb. She would have been one of the blind Germans spitting on the Jews as they made their way to the ghettos. And maybe it's that Holocaust guilt that allows her to overlook the suffering and genocide of the Palestinians.

In 2003 I wrote this piece for Other News and it seems just a relevant today. Still Americans are clueless while so many suffer. It's not really Americans fault - they're just too damned lazy to learn the truth (and if it isn't on Fox News it just couldn't possibly be true).
U.S Derails the Middle East Road Map

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