Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is God a Terrorist?

State Sen. Ernie Chambers in Nebraska has sued God. God is accused of causing untold death and horror and threatening to cause more still. And on the Senator's side is the Bible, with countless atrocities that God takes full credit for. He has not only supported genocide, child murder, gang rape or innocent girls, but also eventual Armageddon for us all.

So far God has not issued his plea. But what else is new. I think it's about time we start questioning this supreme being on his psychotic behavior. Why send hurricanes, typhoons, wars, and disease which only hurt those that support him the most? I say we keep suing until he has the nerve to answer these simple questions. For one, I'm tired of cleaning up his messes. If he wants to wipe us out all he has to do is hire the Bush family - or the mob. Apparently these are his allies. If he needs to kill thousands to get at just one Lesbian comedian in New Orleans, then he's pretty damned pathetic. Not unlike America wiping out the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan to get one man supposedly behind the world trade center bombing?
Where is this God of Love I hear tell of? I've read the Bible, parts of the Koran and still I see no trace of this being. And why does it matter? Because we're using these myths to kill each other - that's why.
Tell me what your God looks like and I can tell you your politics. If your God permeates us all with the spirit of love and the joy of living - then we'll get along. But if your God is busy worrying about who I'm sleeping with, sending plagues, or asking me to send my daughter out to a horny mob for a little gang bang action just to save some sweet faced male angel, then count me out. What kind of family values is this pervert promoting?
I think this should be a class action suit. This jerk has held us in his terror long enough. Let's be liberated from the myth and accept the reality that we really are able to make a heaven on Earth. If we want to kill each other, than we should do it with open eyes and tender hearts for the lives we destroy rather than saying, "oh well, it's God's will".
If your God is all about ethnic cleansing maybe you should re-think your religion.

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