Monday, May 7, 2012

A Mothers Day Request

I don't want cards or chocolate
I want to look at my daughter and know she will have a full life
living in a world worth living in
Where trees still beckon to the Great Spirit above
and the body of our Mother Earth is respected and cared for

I want my daughter's friends of all colors to be safe from harm
regardless of what resources they were born near
or that their parents can be exploited for cheap labor
I want technology to bring them together not rip them apart

I want her to be safe from men who would exploit her body for money
I want her to be free to trust without being betrayed
I want her heart not to be chained and bound by fear
I want her to love whomever she chooses to love

I want men to grow up so my daughter can have a long, safe life
stop blowing things up in our backyards, because they're your yards too
stop making bigger bombs, robots, and stealth killers
stop raping us and this planet - we are not your playthings
stop acting so stupid, so tough, and please pull up your pants

I want us all to give peace a real chance
turn the other cheek, but don't turn away from suffering
carry the extra weight if you can, helping the hurting ones
listen, don't talk
breathe, don't think
and start anew

Then I, and all Mothers Everywhere, may have a Happy Mothers Day

1 comment:

Tom H. Hastings said...

Beautiful from a strong mother's heart. Thank you. May we listen.