Sunday, September 6, 2009

Adventures in Nonviolence

Where: First Unitarian Church - Daisy Bingham Rm (below Main St. Sanctuary)
1211 SW Main St. PDX
When: 6pm - 8pm
Our Adventures are based on Coleman McCarthy’s Class of Nonviolence. Reading materials for each section can be viewed for free at

Adventures in Nonviolence are part of the peace and nonviolence outreach of Peaceforce Oregon. The purpose is to both educate and build a community of nonviolent peace workers. Each adventure is activity based, essentially a mini workshop. You will move around the room and work with markers, glue, etc, so dress casually. The sessions are crafted to help you in your own discoveries in this great adventure.

There will be light snacks provided.

Peaceforce Oregon is a member of the United States Nonviolent Peaceforce Chapter Association (USNPCA). Through our membership in USNPCA our chapter is a constituted Member Organization of the Nonviolent Peaceforce. This association allows our chapter members to participate and be a voting member of NP on such important items as long-term organizational plans and the approval and changes to the Nonviolent Peaceforce's by-laws. Our mission is to support the important work being done by Nonviolent Peaceforce by offering training, outreach, fundraising and community for those dedicated to nonviolence.

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This years adventures are hosted by the Peace Action Committee of First Unitarian to provide an educational opportunity to their congregation and the local community.
For more info call Terri at 503-816-4826 or email her at

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