Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Speaking Peace - An Adventure in Nonviolence

If any of you are in the Portland Oregon area, I'll be giving a workshop tomorrow night, the 30th, in the SE corner of the city. This should be fun. I've just started doing monthly adventures in nonviolence and the interest level is increasing as they continue. I don't have one for November, but on December 18th I'll be looking at Jesus as a nonviolent actor - should be fun.

Thursday October 30th we’ll explore a new language, a language that takes back that power, the language of Nonviolence.

This workshop is based on the work and experience of Marshall Rosenberg and Portland’s own “seriously pissed off granny” Bonnie Tinker.

This workshop is FREE - but donations are greatly appreciated

When: October 30th 7-9pm
Where: Spirit Feathers
7704 SE 13th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97202


Seda said...

Oh, I wanna go! Are you coming down here any time soon?

Terri said...

Once the adventures are going well here and I get some guest speakers lined up - I do plan to extend down to Corvallis and Eugene. If you know a venue that isn't too pricey let me know.

parke burgess said...


If you would be interested, I'd be delighted to be a guest speaker for your program, which sounds really cool. Let me know!

(I live just up the road in Tacoma and am always looking for excuses to visit PDX.)

Terri said...

We'd love to have you speak Parke. I'll be in touch!