Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Unitarian Universalism

Recently a co-worker and I were chatting and I mentioned something about church. Much of my social life revolves around my church so it's hard to talk about what I'm doing without the "C" work coming up. This co-worker confessed to me that she was reluctant to approach me on the subject because she feared I was one of those "Bible thumpers" ready to bash her with my little black book at the first chance. I chuckled and told her that wouldn't happen since I don't even believe in God much less any of the hateful writings in that little black book. As far as I'm concerned that book is political propaganda from the darkest days of human evolution that continues to shadow and demean our existence. Then I told her I'm Unitarian Universalist, a liberal faith based on shared principles not theology. Turns out my co-worker is part of the communist party from China, so an insightful sharing of ideas followed.

I came across this video this morning that is a beautiful testimony to who UUs are and what we believe in. It's easy in these times to become frustrated with one's faith, but I find this tradition helps one to feel like an active participant rather than a passive victim in what's happening in the world. We know we're doing our best to make this a better place for everyone to live and we're teaching our children to aspire to the highest human potentials of peace and love.


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